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Clippers Dog Grooming Kitchener

Full-Service Dog Grooming Pricing and Information

Pet Grooming Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our pet grooming services. If you're not happy, we'll gladly redo it at no charge. If you're still dissatisfied, we'll promptly issue you a refund.

* Valid 2-weeks from original grooming appointment.​

Our full-service dog grooming package includes...

  • The initial clipping
  • Nail trim
  • Shampoo bath
  • External anal gland expression (optional)
  • ​Check and clean the ears and eyes
  • Drying, fluffing and final grooming finishes
  • All wrapped with a bow!

​Relief From Dry & Itchy Skin

If your pet has allergies, relief is just a bath away with our unscented oatmeal shampoo and conditioner at no additional cost.

​(Be sure to check our line of shampoos when you bring your pet in)

Full-Service Dog Grooming Prices

All of our dog grooming options are priced according to your dogs size and not their specific breed.

Small (less than 25 lbs) .......

Medium (26-60 lbs) ..............

Large (61-85 lbs) ...................

Giant (102+ lbs)​ .....................

$53 - $56

$62 - $80

$86 - $97


* All prices are subject to HST.

Matted Fur

Matted fur (tight and tangled knots) can be caused by several factors affecting the skin, and coat condition of your pet. Matted fur can lead to serious health issues that can be costly to treat.

Depending on the breed and activity level of your dog, we strongly recommend a grooming schedule of every 4 - 6 weeks to avoid painful, heavy matting.

Due to the extra time and care it takes to remove matted coats, an additional $10 fee will be added to the dog grooming prices above.